Friday Ink #59 // Corina Yang

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Corina Yang, 19, check out her Instagram @CRNYNG

1. Tell me a little bit about your tattoos
There isn’t any sort of special meaning about my tattoos. I just enjoy the way they look and enjoy the art of them in general. Most are flowers because I really appreciate the way flowers look drawn/tattooed etc.

2. Do you have any new tattoo-projects in mind?
I always have new ideas of what I want or could get in mind. I’m really picky though and I am not the type of person that just gets one because I want one and like it. I like to think of the best places to put them and what else could go along with it to match and come together nicely later on. I also really consider what about in a few years? Do I feel like I would still be happy with what I got it and where I had it done.

3. What does tattoos mean to you?
Tattoos I see as a form of art, expression in a way. Some people get them because they see it the same as I do and others for more important reasons. Life events that stick with them and they want a reminder of.

4. Does any of your tattoos have a speciel meaning for you?
As of right now my tattoos don’t mean much to me, as in no important major reason, why I got them. I just see it as art when everything is do.

Thank you Corina

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